Videos of Important Techniques

Please note that these videos are meant to show different close-quarter-combat counter techniques by numerous schools and masters with their specific ideas and styles.

The very first video shows a true Kendo Master finding an opening at the end of the video attacking his opponent’s protective glove or Kote.  Kendo is so lightening fast that the cameras usually have to be slowed down for the viewer to witness the scored strike.  The idea of controlling, creating and owning center-line is a major aspect of Kendo.

The last video on The 21 Foot Rule is being presented as an important means of revealing what may, or may not, happen at close-quarter ranges.  Close-quarter being 21 feet or closer! Thinking that a gun is always the ultimate means of protection may be not so correct.

Presenting this rarely contemplated slice of reality is a true eye opener showing the depth of how both the bad and good guys [military, police special forces…] are currently training.

Close-quarter combat knowledge is one of the most over-looked abilities being sot after by the non-military civilian population today. It  should be a top priority practiced by any and all for preservation of life and property.