Master Class – Intro To ‘Street Kendo’

8 Week Master Class – [$240.00]
Intro To ‘Street Kendo’
Black Dragon Modern Combat Curriculum


The Student will be taught master level training concepts as a perfect foundational way to form the infrastructure before even more complex future lessons.

Specific Wazas [concepts, ideas, techniques…] are directly applicable to real combat strategies and tactics if the correct instructor shows the way. Therefore, it is a part of the overall Black Dragon Modern Combat curriculum.

The Student will be introduced to Sword Maneuvers utilizing the Shinai [Bamboo Sword] and applicable to any weapon.

Learning timing, distance, angles, super conditioning, and a rapid neural response is the foundation of self-defense, combat skills which Black Dragon Modern Combat offers. Removing lag time, rigidity and telegraphing is at the core of Black Dragon Modern Combat. In this way, the odds can be diminished in a real-world situation.

You must be prepared to listen to explanations of weapon and combat knowledge as well as hands-on lessons.

Essential Pages To Review & Agree to Before Signing Up:



Lesson #1


1)  Proper Dojo Etiquette

2)  Safety Always

3) 100% Full Attention…Always



a)   The Shinai [nomenclature of the Shinai]

b)   Respect of The Shinai & Bag

c)   Te No Uchi [4 parts]

d) Three Uzu Positions

        e)   Proper Structure of The Uzu




1)   Tengoku

2)  Chikyu

3)  Uzu

4)  Omote & Ura [Shinai & Direction]

5)    Nodes of The Uzu

6)    Ura Uzu




A)  Rotating Te No Uchi – Chuo Position

B)  Ura Uzu

C)  Migi/Chuo/Hidari

D)   Two Applications for the Uzu



Lesson #2


1)   Review of Lesson #1

2)   Omote Uzu [Migi/Chuo/Hidari]

3)   The Maku

4)  Mawasu/Chikyu Suriage Found Within Maku

5)   Four Nodes of The Maku



Lesson #3


BDMC #1   Figure 8s


a)   Uzu + Maku + Suriage = Figure 8

b) Mawasu Suriage, Proper Strike Nodes + Ashi Sabaki



Lesson #4


1)   Review/questions

2)   Uzu + Maku = Shield

3)   Entry Into Ura Inazuma Sho Men Uchi

4)   What section of Shinai to Strike with

5)   Ashi Sabaki [Lead Foot – Stationary]

6)   Ashi Sabaki [Opposite Side]  


 Lesson #5


1)   Role of the Motodachi [#1 and SMU Positions]

2)   Role of the Kakarite

3)   Heron Skims The Ocean

4) Tatakau – Ura Inazuma SMU


 Lesson #6


1)   Review/questions

2)   Heron Skims The Ocean

3) Tatakau –  Omote Inazuma SMU


    Lesson #7 & #8


                       1) Review/questions

                       2) #2 & SMU Positions

                       3) Sliding Foot – Ashi Sabaki

                       4) Troubleshooting the Shield