BDMC Dojo Etiquette & Rules

BDMC Dojo Etiquette & Rules

Dojo Etiquette

The Founder & Head Instructor will be addressed as Sensei or Sensei Akrish during class hours. Regardless of the relationship to the Sensei outside of the school, during class time the relationship will be formal & proper.

This formality is reflected by the attitude and attributes of the BDMC student. In other words, one must show complete formality throughout the lesson time as a means of their own, personal self-respect.

As found in the Rules below, all lesson, corrections or questions requiring an answer is the sole responsibility of the Sensei.

BDMC Student Attributes

Attributes to adhere to as a student:

  • Respect

  • Maturity

  • Honor

  • Self-discipline

  • Patience

  • Commitment 

  • Kindness

  • Self Restraint

  • Emotional Balance

  • Clear & Precise Communication Skills

Dojo Dialogue

During lesson time conversations should be kept to a minimum [and if at all necessary].

If there is a question during a demo or lesson, please wait until it is completed and then please ask your question.

BDMC Weapon Respect

All weapons must be treated with the highest level of respect.

Do not:

Play with or swing around your Weapon as if it were a toy

Touch any other student’s Weapon without permission

Leave your Weapon lying around or on the ground

Use your Weapon to lean on or in any other way it was not intended

Touch another student in a way, shape, or fashion with your Weapon unless designated to


Treat your Weapon(s) with the highest level of Respect

Keep your Weapons clean, maintained & protected

Always Keep control of your Weapons at all times

BDMC Rules

Cellphones must be turned off, put away and not utilized during lessons unless absolutely necessary.

Safety is of the utmost priority. This means that listening to and paying full attention to the Sensei, your training partner, and your surroundings will keep the academy free of injuries and problems.

Students must show proper respect to their instructors as they would wish to receive the same in return. Challenges, clowning, mimicking during demos, and speaking of or movements of other systems is not allowed.

Full attention and concentration must be adhered to during the complete lesson time.

There should be no mimicking or copying of the demo-technique unless asked to by the Sensei.

Students must always acknowledge the readiness of their partner prior to starting any drill.

When in doubt…slow down, take a break and inform the Sensei of any problems.

Always be sure that your partner is READY…fast or unexpected got ya moves serve no purpose and can cause harm. They can also cause immediate expulsion from the school.

This includes any type of “attack or strike” [fake or real] against anyone outside of a supervised drill.

Mimicking, copying, moving ahead of your personal level is not allowed.

The sole responsibility of the BDMC Student is to listen, learn, absorb and increase their inter & intrapersonal skills.

Chiming up, blurting out answers, giving suggestions or randomly teaching other students lessons is not permitted.

It is not necessary to ask for lessons above your level at any time. There is plenty for you to work on. Skill is built upon repetitiveness to make it second nature.

If late to class, resume the ongoing training at hand.

No alcohol, illicit drugs use, chewing gum, swearing, spitting, or smoking is allowed during class hours.

Please remove hand or facial jewelry prior to class time. Proper hygiene must be practiced and adhered to. Keep finger nails short & trimmed.

No sparring or unauthorized training during class hours. This will cause a student immediate expulsion from the academy.

Honor and Respect is the basis of all life. Foul language, personal political /social views, dirty jokes, or anything that causes disrespect or a feeling of being uncomfortable to other students or the BDMC Dojo can become cause for immediate expulsion.