BDMC Legal

Black Dragon Modern Combat – Legal

This is a self-defense class based on combat with numerous types of weapons, counter-weapon strike training with the ability to manifest deadly force. It is your responsibility to know the rules and laws of this state in regards to carrying a weapon and the use of deadly force.

Release Form Content

The complete pdf. form will be emailed to you and must be signed before starting first lesson.

I the undersigned voluntarily desire to participate at the Black Dragon Modern Combat School to learn self-defense, combat methods of training.

I have read, understood and will comply with the Proper Dojo Etiquette & Rules.

I certify to the best of my knowledge, I have no physical condition which will be aggravated by the activity or will impair my ability to participate in the rigorous activity and that I am of sound mind and body.

I assume responsibility for all risk of injury, whatsoever, to my person and property that may be sustained in connection with the stated and associated activities. I understand that what I learn at the Black Dragon Modern Combat School gives me no guarantee that I can absolutely defend myself or family in an altercation and that I should always find the safest way out of any altercation.

Furthermore, I release and discharge the Black Dragon Modern Combat School and its instructors and its respective officers, agents, representatives, and employees from each and every claim, demand, cause of action, suit, obligation and liability for my damages including personal injury, accidents illness, death, and personal property damage, cost or other damage that might arise out of or in any way to be connected, directly or indirectly with my participation in such activity, or accident relating thereto.