About BDMC

About Black Dragon Modern Combat

Advanced Scientific Methodologies

Black Dragon Modern Combat is where tradition meets evolution with the modernization of strategies & tactics.

Black Dragon Modern Combat is a hybrid school of combat with innovative and advanced concepts of sword maneuvering for health, conditioning and self-defense combat training. For instance, ambidextrous training is an important part of the curriculum for complete, body & mind balancing. Open-minded, advanced forward thinking breaking through the rut of stagnation.

This includes:

  • Ultra-precision angles of striking, lightening speed & combat strategy innovations.
  • Intelligent, secret study of the pressure point & neural system of the human body & how to manipulate it for combat.
  • Single, double, long, medium and short weapon training.
  • Close-Quarter Combat training rarely taught in the civilian world.

All training concepts are taught as a relevant means to utilize in a real-world, self-defense combat situations. Every concept is applicable with the use of empty-hands or any object as a viable weapon for self-defense.

Black Dragon Modern Combat is a no frills, ultra-efficient combat training school. By training exclusively with both a weapon in-hand and practicing multiple weapon ranges & timings through counter-strike drills, a student will gain a great advantage towards accelerating their combat skill levels over less time in comparison to other martial art systems.

Another important aspect of training with a weapon from the beginning is in its ability to help a student diminish levels of anxiety in a self-defense situation.

Black Dragon Modern Combat combines super-conditioning training with advanced, sword maneuvering for a challenging, precise and exciting means of building self-defense, combat skills.

The modernized philosophy of the Katana combines numerous cutting-edge methods of training not commonly found in most schools. For instance, Sensei Akrish has created a uniquely systematic conditioning module named the 12 Dynamic Accelerating Tornado [Tatsumaki] Shield-Strike Protocols. 

This type of advanced conditioning is multiphasic in its ability to simultaneously build essential shoulder/arm/wrist/hand flexibility, endurance, strength, power and combat skills…all at once. This both cuts wasted in-class time on non-skill attaining exercises, while immediately preparing the beginning student for the highest level of skills.  

The BDMC training curriculum is unlike any other in the world and has been founded after over five continuous decades of training & instructing by Sensei David Akrish. It is an ultra-advanced Close-Quarter-Combat [CQC] Self-Defense System offering rare weapon combat skills to the civilian population. BDMC is a university level, highly serious, adult type-class.

With this in mind, 100% mindfulness, maturity & attention are mandatory.

BDMC gives the beginning student theories, skills and insights necessary for current civilian combat abilities helping to decrease the odds in an untoward situation.

Lessons are:

1) immediately applicable for street defense

2) directly applied to Traditional & Modern Weapons

3) created to lead to higher levels of strategies & tactics

It is rare for a traditional martial art school to offer a beginning student any type of weapon. In fact, it really just doesn’t exist. It may take years to even get close to having a weapon in hand. The techniques are usually archaic, slow and not realistic…at best.

In many cases:

1) The knowledge doesn’t exist

2) The level of responsibility, time & energy is way too great

3) There is confusion with self-defense, combat training & martial arts

The Branches

The Shinai

The Shinai a 47training sword made of bamboo. It is the core branch of the system introducing the beginning student to proper geometry, angles, speed, timing, neuron activation, real time intercepting… This just skims the surface and follows the exact path of the even more advanced training.

The knowledge & skills taught in this branch will be the foundation for all other branches of BDMC. The Shinai allows for clarity of CQC skills with the distance necessary see & obtain geometric, angular, timing & reactionary abilities. It will bring for the feeling of striking/counter-striking physics that will be applied to all of the branches.


Jujutsu relies on relaxation, flow, neural activation, swiftness & technical knowledge. It utilizes the open-palm, back-hand, blade-hand, grappling-hand and short weapon for CQC combat. It is a stand-up [vertical] system as opposed to a ground based one.

Jujutsu training develops proper body mechanics to engage an opponent with the best chance of survival and protection of life.

It encompasses four sub-sections including: Striking, Grappling, Vital Point Referencing & Single Short Weapons.

The Wakizashi

This branch is named after the mid-sized sword carried by a Samurai Warrior. Its complexity is only rivaled by the The Katana Branch. It is at least double in its complex knowledge, depth & skill level compared to the first, two branches.

It encompasses small & mid-sized weapons including both Traditional [Wakizashi, Kama, Tanto…] & Modern [telescoping baton, hatchet, ruler, club, knife, tactical flashlight…]. It will be taught as both single & double weapons. Lessons from the former branches will prepare the BDMC student for this branch.

The Katana

This is the King Of Weapons and the final branch of the system. As with the Shinai, it is a single, double-handed weapon and the originator of all combat knowledge possessed within the BDMC System. It is the final & most complex branch level.

Modern Combat Training Methods

Black Dragon Modern Combat students will learn the life-science of adaptation; combining concepts and randomness into a constant partnership. Advanced concepts and terminology from Japaneses Combat Art Systems of training will be referenced in the lessons.

A student must be trained to react in a manner that is both natural and second nature to actual physiological laws and principles of life. 

Training to move like a robot, practicing years of Kata [solo movement practice] and never being taught how to actually use them with little to no contact & no partner interaction-drills will most likely give a student a false sense of hope and even less offensive, combat skills.

Black Dragon Modern Combat training develops proper body mechanics to engage an opponent with the best chance of counter-striking with authority. To train in real-world, self-defense survival methods you must incorporate: timing, distance, range & heights, physics, energies and foot-work into every lesson.

Practitioners of blade training schools understand that they can transfer their abilities to empty-hand or other weapon, self-defense, combat skills.

Weapon training is the foundational basis of empty-hand skill development. It builds ultra-precision attacks, counter-attacks, supreme speed and strength. BDMC explains, demonstrates and teaches how all sword maneuvers are meant for modern, self-defense combat purposes…sword or no sword.

The Inner Science of Close-Quarter Combat is the cornerstone of Black Dragon Modern Combat developing:

  • multiple attack zones
  • lightening speed
  • hand & arm strength for advanced grappling
  • mental clarity
  • balance
  • forward power explosion
  • advanced weapon awareness & knowledge
  • ambidextrous equality
  • live-hand integration
  • eye-hand-body coordination
  • timing
  • spatial acuity
  • courage
  • laws of physics
  • forward energy
  • weight shift