Black Dragon Modern Combat

New Location – Albuquerque, NM

Tradition Becomes  Evolution

with the

Modernization of

Combat Strategies & Tactics

Practical & Effective Self-Defense Combat Training 

Action-Packed, Partner Flow-Drills For Reality-Based Interaction Skill

Counter-Strike Weapon Training Accelerates: Speed, Strength & Endurance

Weapons Include: Bokken, Shinai, Double Wakizashi, Kubotan, Tactical Flashlight, Tomahawk, Knife, Baton…

Enhance Your Health, Confidence & Control With Any Circumstance

All training concepts are taught as a relevant means to be translated into real-world, self-defense situation.

Every concept is applicable with the use of empty-hands, or any object, as a viable weapon for self-defense.

The Black Dragon Modern Combat curriculum is based on super-conditioning training for lightning fast, flexible and powerful strikes, with advanced strike-counter-strike training. Lessons includes: in-depth demonstrations, explanations and handouts to keep in a personal, training binder.

If you are expecting to wear a gi, stand in line, jump up and down, punch in the air, pay for a new colored belt test…this is the wrong school. This is an ultra-elite, reality based school on entering into combat [Tatakau]. If you do not consistently train in counter-weapon striking, how will you ever be even slightly prepared?

Self-defense is not a fist fight, knife fight…or any type of fight. It is combat. Reality is hard to face so it is easy to train at a safe school where the challenge of a weapon wielding attacker is left only to the imagination.

Counter-strike drill training is at the core of Black Dragon Modern CombatWith this in mind, 100% mindfulness, maturity and attention is mandatory to train in the school.

Training from the very beginning with a weapon in hand will help the student to instinctively recognize that anything they can pick-up can effectively become a highly utilized tool in a self-defense situation. Utilizing a weapon in a life or death situation can give you an exponential advantage.

Mugger threatens to punch penniless pimp on city street

Taking the lessons home and having personal, daily training sessions is not only highly recommended, but essential. It will build the razor-sharp, high-precision secondary nature skills that can be attained through this rare type of training.

If you do wish to join the school, it is highly advised that you read all of the text and view the videos on this website to fully understand the depth and reality of this type of training. 

Please see Membership Page for more details. Each student must read and abide by the Proper School Etiquette Rules as safety and respect are cornerstones in any, and all martial arts systems.

Isolated robbery scene